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Daniel Flammer’s Screens are unusual and unclassifiable works, simultaneously drawing from sculpture, painting, drawing, videography and photography, all interwoven into objects that can be described as hybrid. They serve to mock a contemporary failing: over about 15 years, and without our really noticing it — perhaps a certain complacency is to blame — our relation to images has changed irrevocably, devalued by digital technology. Flatscreen TVs, tablets, computers and smartphones have literally taken over our lives and our vision. The seduction of what are, unmistakably, objects is only a lure. (...). The images that appear at their surfaces are nothing but the reflection of our dreary standardised lives. That is an actual fact in our civilisation, and it is deeply sad. With such an evolution, we have probably lost a large part of what still made us human. In that regard, we understand — the artist wrote it himself — that this series was born from bereavement, from a loss, that of his father.(....) Screens thus attests to the artist’s own inner adventures, but also to the wanderings of a disoriented humankind. They are smokescreens placed in front of reality: they screen us off.

Richard Leydier

© Daniel Flammer, all rights reserved. 2022

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