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Born in 1984, Daniel Flammer graduated from ENSBA in 2009 with honors. Represented until 2018 by the Polad-Hardouin gallery, he exhibits in France and abroad. His personal story feeds his work : intellectual heritage of a painter mother and a psychiatrist father, memories of a childhood spent in workshops, family dramas. Daniel Flammer also enriches his work with other approaches : scenography, decor, literature, music. His journey is also an itinerary of travels, from Paris to Berlin, from Argentina to Iceland, mental reservoirs of stories and landscapes. Daniel Flammer lives and works in Paris.

In his art, Daniel Flammer carries on the long tradition of canvas and paper, with recent forays into 3D installations and video. His artistic approach, rich in references, is more along the lines of a cosa mentale than pure representation and draws on collage, metaphors and mind games. He weaves motifs stripped of their initial meaning into his own pictorial language: coloursaturated dream worlds full of surrealist technology and peopled with a mythological bestiary and
segmented bodies. His production is half personal catharsis and half reflection on contemporary society.



2008 - 2009

Beaux Arts (ENSBA) - Paris

DNSAP with honors.

2007 - 2008

Universität Der Künste - Berlin


2004 - 2007

Beaux Arts (ENSBA) - Paris


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